To-Lyn Pong of Pacific Coast Siamese - Traditional Seal point Siamese

Pong is a very playful girl, and overtly sweet. She wants to be a lap cat! Pong is the whole package, personality and looks.  

Pacific Siam Goofball - Traditional Lilac (dark) point Siamese

Goofball is one of my best producing girls. She outdoes herself in the looks department every time, and throws the most amazing blue eyes! Her purr is so loud it can be heard at the other side of the house. 

Chanel Lyusi Spirit of Neva - Thai Lilac Point (Traditional Siamese)

Chanel is a Thai import. She is the cutest, wildest little dainty thing!! She can jump as high as any cat I've see to grab a feather toy. She is a soft natured, sweet girl. Look for Chanels kitten in 2018!

Pacific Siam Stumpy - Classic Traditional seal point Siamese

Stumpy is my velcro cat. She literally tries to trip me daily and talks to me non stop. All her kittens have been fabulous. She is pictured below with one of her daughters I kept for a future queen. 

Pacific Siam Eyes - Classic Traditional seal point Siamese

Eyes takes after her mother (Stumpy pictured above) in the personality department. VERY outgoing, active and absolutely hysterical. When she gets really playful her eyes get HUGE. She is also very much a velcro cat and meows just as much as her mother. She will be expecting kittens late 2018. 

Chosen One Eva Of Pacific Siam - Seal Point Oriental Shorthair

Eva is a talker and so attached to her one person. She has looks to kill!! Look for Eva's kittens end of 2017.

Tresorcats Kalilah Mon Cherie Amour (AKA Katniss) - Seal point Balinese

Katniss is a very goofy girl. She is mischievous and outgoing. Her coat is long and incredibly soft.

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