Page updated 08/03/2018

There are no kittens at this time. Breedings listed below.

Eyes bred to Orlando 6/19/18 due end of August. 
Accepting two reservations for her litter at this time. 
*** Please note, above litter will be classic/modern Siamese ***

Goofball bred to Yoji 7/20 for Applehead kittens due end of September.

Two Balinese females bred (pictures not up yet) 8/1 and 8/2 due beginning of October.
Accepting 2 reservations per female at this time.  

1st litter - Mom is Stumpy and dad is Oscar Siamese litter
Born 03/31/18
Breed - Siamese
Style Traditional or Applehead style. 

1 seal male - available
1 chocolate male - reserved
1 chocolate male #2 - available
1 chocolate female - available
1 lilac male - reserved

2nd litter - Mom is Goofball and dad is Chewbacca - Balinese litter
Born 5/9/18 - colors and coat length to be determined...... check back
1 male - reserved
3 females - all available as of 5/14


 - Your kitten will have ALL 3 kitten vaccines (you will not incur a $200 vet visit for an office exam and vaccination as you would purchasing from other breeders only giving 2 vaccines.   
- Your kitten will also come home with a negative stool sample. 

Shipping or courier services are available. Shipping is $350.
Shipping cost break down is as follows - $200 for flight, crate ($35), blankets ($5), and Veterinary Health Certificate required for shipping ($110).   
Check out United Petsafe for information on shipping. 
Many customers choose to fly in to Sacramento and fly home with their kitten in cabin. If a flight is booked in advance, often times a low fare can be obtained. I can meet customers at the airport for the cost of fuel and time. This has been a popular option this year.

Paypal is my most popular option of payment and my preferred choice. Please feel free to call, email or chat with me before putting down your deposit.
 I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding kittens. 

As kittens get older I will be able to describe personalities and try to match you with what your looking for.

Also check out my Facebook page "Pacific Coast Siamese" for more candid photos of how my cats and kittens are raised.

Chanel - Yoji kitten. Full Thai kitten.  
This is an outstanding kitten. Amazing personality and very active. Incredibly affectionate along with his non stop talking. If your looking for an extremely playful talker, this is your boy. 

Stumpy - Oscar kittens are pictured below 

Seal male - available

Lilac male - available 

Chocolate female - available

Chocolate male #1 - available

Chocolate male #2 available 

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